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Headshot of Lindsay Bergman-Debes
Digital Strategist

Lindsay Bergman-Debes

Marketing professional with nearly 10 years of experience spreading the love for good causes through digital communications. Experienced orchestrating content strategy to improve audience experience on the web and increase engagement on social platforms.

I believe that content creation and curation is an important part of branding in every business, but it’s vital for education and nonprofits. I look at the bigger picture and work with internal resources to illustrate the value of education and service. 

Bringing strategy front and center: one medium at a time. 

My Experience

I put the audience first in everything I do. My strategy is driven by user needs.

It’s an easy concept: What would the user do? But it’s overlooked by so many in an effort to make the powers that be happy. I fight for the audience, and for authentic content with intuitive navigations.

Washington College

Digital Strategist

Social media strategy, content strategy, content system management & making magic happen.


Cecil County Democratic Central Committee


Website, social media, cat-herding & other duties as assigned.


Cecil County Public Schools

Technology Technician – Pio

Social media & social strategy for a county-wide public school system.


my Skills

I have revamped social media, dived into information architecture, and learned content management systems so well I could teach faculty, staff, and students how to use them. Writing was central to my undergraduate education. I also know my way around Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

  • Social media strategy
  • content strategy
  • project management

Social Media Strategy

  • Curated content for WC’s social media
  • Expanded brand reach across multiple platforms
  • Increased engagement with authentic content

Content Strategy

  • Helped faculty & staff create an engaging web presence
  • Planned campaigns geared toward student recruitment
  • Developed audience-first approach

Project Management

  • Implemented and controlled Basecamp for WC
  • Managed assignments for student employees
  • Maintained “The Calendar”
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