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My Experience

I’m eager to get back in the higher education or nonprofit game—it’s where I do my best work.

Keeping the audience first in strategy design.

Marketing professional with nearly 10 years of experience spreading the love for good causes through digital communications. Experienced orchestrating content strategy to improve audience experience on the web and increase engagement on social platforms.

I believe that content creation and curation is an important part of branding in every business, but it’s vital for education and nonprofits. I look at the bigger picture and work with internal resources to illustrate the value of education and service. 

Work Experience

Kirk Middle School

8th Grade ELA Teacher

  • Teaching hybrid-style with a special education co-teacher
  • Planning lessons that incorporate writing, reading comprehension, and language skills
  • Utilizing Schoology and other technology to provide an interactive experience for students

2020 – Present

Cecil County Democratic Central Committee


  • Create digital and print collateral
  • Manage social media, website, and email list
  • Assist with organization of seasonal volunteers and maintenance of seasonal headquarters
  • Write press releases and oversee correspondence on behalf of the Committee

2017 – Present

Cecil County Public Schools

Substitute Teacher

  • Long-term substitute teacher for high school art
  • Day-to-day high school substitute

2019 – 2020

Cecil County Public Schools

Technology Technician – PIO

  • Monitor social media for the District’s main accounts
  • Develop communications strategies to reach relevant stakeholders in the CCPS system

2017 – 2018

Washington College

Digital Strategist

  • Developed initial social strategy and increased Facebook followers by 200%
  • Leveraged targeted Facebook advertising to increase engagement with videos and stories by over 500% while growing followers and driving event registration
  • Worked with vendor on redesign and implementation of LiveWhale Content Management System
  • Coordinated training sessions and defined best practices for new distributed authorship website
  • Provided consultation and training to College departments and offices to help align content and social strategies with their goals
  • Managed a team of student content creators who develop written and photographic assets for the College and provide website support


2011 – 2017

Professional Development

  • Content Ed – February 2021
  • Confab Central – June 2017
  • Confab Higher Ed – November 2016
  • LiveWhale Developers Conference – October 2016
  • eduWeb Digital Summit – July 2016 (Presenter, “Leveraging Alumni Stories” in Email & Marketing Track)
  • LiveWhale Developers Conference – December 2015
  • Confab Higher Ed – November 2015
  • eduWeb Digital Summit – July 2015 (Track Leader, Digital Marketing Communications)
  • UMBC Social Media Collaboration Summit – January 2015
  • Confab Higher Ed – November 2014
  • Mid-Atlantic Web Meetup – August 2013
  • eduWeb Digital Summit – July 2013
  • LiveWhale Developers Conference – September 2012
  • CASE Summer Institute in Communications and Marketing – July 2012
  • Mid-Atlantic Web Meetup – June 2012
  • Social Media Strategy Summit – January 2012


Writing Samples

Image of Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky in Antarctica

Remixing the Residency

Composer, multimedia artist, and author Paul D. Miller brought his creative talents to bear in presenting perspectives on topics from climate change to race and offering students different ways of thinking about social justice. The 2016 Frederick Douglass Fellow, who performs as DJ Spooky, was brought to campus through a collaboration among the C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, SANDBOX, and the Department of Music.

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A meme featuring a painting of George Washington saying "aww yiss moral courage"

Planning a Giving Day

This morning I was speaking with a former colleague about Giving Day, and thought I’d like to put together some things I’ve learned after surviving two of them. I didn’t play as part of the advancement team, but I participated as a cooperating stakeholder (marketing team). Based on my experiences, this is what I would say to anyone planning a Giving Day.

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Faith Paulick stands among contestants on Chopped

Culinary Liberal Arts

Faith Paulick ’07 won Chopped, had her mole complimented by Chef Aarón Sánchez, and dreams of opening her own Mexican restaurant someday. After serving as an executive chef for C Squared restaurant group overseeing three restaurants, she’s now at Joe Squared, once again getting her hands dirty in the kitchen.

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Five Low Carb Staples You'll Love

Whether you’re going full keto or just cutting carbs because your doctor said it might be a good idea, there are plenty of tricks to staying satisfied with a low carb diet. Eating lots of protein is key for staying healthy on any of these diet journeys—it keeps you full and it’s healthier than loading up on all fats (even though avocado is delicious). You can also find low carb alternatives to delicious foods that will make you happy.

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St. Joseph’s University

Master of Science

Secondary Education


Washington College


English, with a minor in business management, cum laude


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